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Sustainable Seafood Week Australia 2024

18th March – 1 April 2024

A campaign to ensure we have fish forever

Sustainable Seafood Week in Australia is the annual occasion for ASC and MSC to join forces and call everyone to take action to protect our oceans, lakes and rivers, and ensure those people who work in the seafood industry are treated fairly.

Sustainable Seafood Week runs from 18th March – 24th March with the rest of the campaign running until  Easter Monday 1st April  April 2024.

The campaign aims to raise consumers’ awareness on the importance of sustainable seafood choices in order to preserve marine resources for future generations. For this event, ASC and MSC gather individuals, brands, retailers, governments, NGOs and consumers to end overfishing, ensure responsible aquaculture and transform seafood markets towards sustainable and responsible sourcing.

Australians love seafood. With a growing world population, it’s important we protect the future of seafood, for people and the planet. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are not-for profit organisations, setting certification standards for fish farming and sustainable fishing respectively.

What do the ASC and MSC labels mean?

Discover what choosing the green ASC label and blue MSC label really means.

How can you choose your seafood responsibly?

Choose green or blue for fish forever

Look for the labels in your local supermarket today! When you choose seafood with the blue fish label or the green fish label, you’re choosing a future full of fish. When you see the ASC green fish label on a seafood product, you can be sure it can be traced back to a responsible fish farm. When you see the MSC blue fish tick label on a seafood product, you can be assured its traced back to a sustainable fishery.

About the Sustainable Seafood Awards


The Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia 2024 is now open for people and organisations that are leading the way in the sustainable seafood industry.

The Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia recognises the efforts and innovations made by organisations and individuals making that contribute significantly  significant to ensuring that we have plentiful seafood for our future generations. The annual awards are run by the international non-profit the Marine Stewardship Council in partnership with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

Anne Gabriel from the Marine Stewardship Council and Duncan Leadbitter from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council said“This will be the sixth annual Sustainable Seafood Awards in Australia to recognise the remarkable efforts made to help safeguard the future of our seafood. 

“We are excited to honour these individuals and groups that help us to have a future filled with fish, which is a mission that everyone can get behind by purchasing seafood products featuring the blue MSC or green ASC fish tick labels.”

To find out more about the awards click here

Sustainable Seafood Week Events: Be a part of it!

Celebrity Chefs & Sustainable Seafood Cooking School

We will be joined by some of Australia’s most exciting and innovative celebrity chefs, who will teach you how to cook delicious MSC and ASC certified Seafood live on Instagram! Stay tuned on our social media for updates! Follow our instagram account here

Forever salmon and prawn paella

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