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The seafood chefs driving change in Australia

March 15, 2021

Meet the Chefs:

To celebrate Sustainable Seafood Week and the ASC’s commitment to ensuring responsibly farmed fish across Australia and the globe, we’ve teamed up with three talented chefs to share some great recipes inspired by Australian ASC certified seafood.

  • Analiese Gregory

Born in New Zealand and having learned her craft in top restaurants around the world, Analiese Gregory has found her home in the wilds of Tasmania where her passion for sustainable food can flourish. Sustainable cooking is not something she takes half-heartedly and, inspired by her surroundings, even the likes of possum and wallaby find their way onto her menu. However, it’s her passion for seafood that takes centre stage and Analiese has teamed up with the ASC and MSC to ensure we have plenty of fish for future generations to enjoy.

“I don’t want to envision a world where we don’t have access to seafood anymore, she said. “I want future generations to be able to grow up and enjoy the ocean and its seafood the way that mine has.”

We asked Analiese to cook some responsibly sourced ASC certified king prawns grown at Pacific Bio in Queensland. This world-leading farm is located on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef and uses algae to naturally filter water from the farm ponds before it is returned pristine and clean to the ocean beyond.

To watch Analiese cook the king prawns, check out the ASC Instagram page @ascaqua.au.nz 

Analiese Gregory – Ph: Adam Gibson
  • Guy Turland

Few people embody the Australian ocean-living spirit more than renowned chef Guy Turland. The Bondi-based surfer, free diver and rock-climber is the founder and owner of food and travel media brand Bondi Harvest. Guy places sustainability at the heart of his cooking and has teamed up with the ASC and MSC to spread the message.

“By making sustainable choices we can both protect our oceans and enjoy delicious food ethically,” he said.

“The ocean has always and will always be a special place for me, it’s a place I find inspiration in life and in the kitchen.”

We asked Guy to cook some responsibly sourced ASC certified salmon from Tassal in Tasmania. Tassal boasts the only Australian farmed salmon that is certified to the ASC’s strict standards.

To watch Guy cook ASC salmon go to the ASC Instagram page @ascaqua.au.nz 

  • Harry Foster

MasterChef Back to Win star, Harry Foster, has graced television screens since 2016. Living and fishing off an island in the Great Barrier Reef, Harry’s goal is to work toward a sustainable future for our seafood.

“Billions of people across the globe rely upon fish as a healthy and natural source of protein and without thriving fish populations, we are putting our food security at risk,” Harry said.

“The ocean is arguably our most important natural asset and protecting and conserving marine ecosystems and making sustainable choices when we source our seafood is vital for the future of our natural fisheries and of course our food security.” 

We asked Harry to cook ASC certified Kingfish grown in the pristine waters of South Australia by Clean Seas. Clean Seas king fish is used in high end restaurants from London to New York, renowned for its quality and taste.

To see Harry cook ASC certified Clean Seas King Fish see the ASC Instagram page @ascaqua.au.nz 


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