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Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia 2024 Winners

March 19, 2024

Awards show progress being made on Super Seafood

 The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) unveiled the annual Sustainable Seafood Awards winners at the launch of the Super Seafood campaign to raise awareness about ASC and MSC certified seafood.

Dr Joanna Mc Millan

The event took place at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney with over 100 industry leaders and stakeholders in attendance. Hosted by Dr Joanna McMillan, with Keynotes by Emily Jateff, maritime archaeologist and the Curator of Ocean Science and Technology at the National Maritime Museum and First Nations swim wear designer Liandra Gaykamangu

Senior curator Emily Jateff with National Maritime Museum deputy Director Michael Baldwin

The Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia are independently judged and recognise organisations and individuals who contribute significantly to ensure we have fish forever through their commitment to the ASC and MSC programs.

Anne Gabriel, MSC Program Director and Duncan Leadbitter, ASC Commercial Manager, added“Super Seafood is certified to the world’s best seafood standards for people and the planet. The commitment of brands and retailers to source and sell ASC and MSC certified seafood sends a clear signal down the supply chain and incentivises sustainable fishing and responsible aquaculture practices.

It also meets consumers’ growing expectations and demands for healthy, affordable, sustainable seafood. We’re encouraged to see real progress made in the last year by leading brands and retailers in moving to ASC and MSC-certified seafood.”

“By better managing our fisheries and farms, a greater quantity of healthy fish and seafood would support more nutrient-rich diets, helping to prevent deficiencies in important nutrients such as zinc, calcium, iron, and vitamin B12.”, adds Gabriel and Leadbitter.

Globally, there are 1800 ASC-certified farms, 550 MSC-certified fisheries, and over 46,000 products with the ASC and MSC labels.


The ASC awarded ALDI the Best Responsible Seafood Retailer with Coles named the MSC’s Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket.

Speaking about their award, Daniel Baker, ALDI’s National Sustainability Director, said: “It’s fantastic to receive recognition from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council for our responsible fish and seafood sourcing. To be awarded the Best Retailer award as well as the Aquaculture Champion award reflects the effort and dedication of our team towards making a good difference throughout our entire supply chain while also providing the highest quality products to our customers,”

“Every customer that walks through ALDI’s doors can be rest assured that by saving money at the checkout on ALDI’s high quality products that they can ultimately also make a good difference for both people and the planet simultaneously,”

Tim Rudge from Yumbah Aquaculture receiving the ASC best responsible producer for the second time in a row


I&J Wins best responsible brand

Speaking at the Super Seafood launch event, Tim Rudge of Yumbah Aquaculture, who won the ASC’s Best Responsible Producer award for the second time in a row, said: “Recognition from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council as the Best Responsible Producer is an honour and a wonderful reflection of the efforts of the Yumbah team to maintain the highest possible standards of craftsmanship and care. The ASC is the premier global standard for Aquaculture stewardship, and Yumbah could not be more proud to have been selected by the ASC for such exciting and rewarding recognition.”

Uncle Derek Walker and Tim Rudge

Adding to the importance of indigenous people’s role in fishing, Winner of MSC Sustainable Fishing Hero, Uncle Derek Walker, Managing Director of KutiCo, explained how the Kuti fishery has gone from selling bait to selling high-value products in supermarkets.

Blake Newell won this years ASC Young person in Aquaculture, and Tassal took home the Above and Beyond Award for their innovation and reduction of plastics.

The awards in full:

Awarded by the ASC:

Best Responsible Seafood Retailer – ALDI

Best Responsible Seafood Product – Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Fillets

Best Responsible New Seafood Product – Topsail Barramundi Burger

ASC Aquaculture Champion 2024 – ALDI

Best Responsible Seafood Producer – Yumbah Aquaculture

Young Person in Aquaculture – Blake Newell

ASC Above & Beyond – Tassal

Best responsible Seafood Brand – I & J

Best responsible Seafood Trader– KB Seafood Company

Best responsible New Seafood Product – Highly commended – By George Butterflied Fish by KB Seafood Company

ASC Above & Beyond- Highly Commended- Yumbah Aquaculture

Awarded by the MSC:

Community Champion – National: Woolworths Group

Community Champion – Local: Harley & John’s Seafood

Lifetime Achievement: Heather Brayford, DPIRD

Sustainable Fishing Hero: Uncle Derek Walker, South Australian Pipi / Kuti Fishery

Sustainable Fishing Hero: Glenn Wheeler – Fremantle Octopus

Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket: Coles Supermarkets

Best Sustainable Seafood Business: Australian Ocean King Prawn Company

Best Sustainable Seafood Product – Foodservice: Seafrost Surimi – Bidfood

Best Sustainable Seafood Product – Shelf: John West Salmon Bowls – Simplot Food Group APAC Pty Ltd

Best Sustainable Seafood Product – Frozen: Better Choice Fisheries Australian Deepwater Raw Royal Red Prawn Meat

Best Sustainable Seafood Product – Highly Commended: Ocean Rise Smoked Sardine Sprats – ALDI Supermarkets

Best Sustainable Seafood Product – Highly Commended: Fremantle Octopus Raw Octopus Tentacles

The ASC and MSC programs are globally recognised as the most credible, science-based standards for sustainable and responsible seafood, and they are both aligned with the UN SDGs.

Building on each other’s expertise, the ASC and the MSC work together to create healthy lakes, rivers, and oceans and help secure the livelihoods of those who depend upon them.

When you see the blue MSC or green ASC label on a product, you can be sure it comes from an MSC-certified sustainable fishery or an ASC-certified responsible farm.



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