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New Trusted Labels Group in Australia Launches on World Ecolabel Day

October 8, 2020

ASC has joined forces with other certification programmes in Australia to form the Trusted Labels Group, launching at an event in Sydney on 8 October.

The Trusted Labels Group is made up of ASC, MSC, Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand, Forest Stewardship Council ANZ, Australian Organic Ltd, and Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

The group aims to make the most of the different resources and expertise of these organisations and also make things simpler and more efficient for stakeholders such as retailers, by organising joint approaches and meetings where possible.

There will be a soft launch of the group at an event held by GECA in Sydney on Thursday 8 October for World Ecolabel Day.

“Our organisations all have our own areas of focus and objectives, but there will always be some overlap in our aims and our stakeholder groups, and the main objective of the Trusted Labels Group is to make things easier for those stakeholders,” said Duncan Leadbitter, ASC Commercial Outreach Manager for Australia.

For more information on the six member organisations of the Trusted Labels Group, click the image below to download the group’s flyer (pdf).

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