How ASC Farms Help Protect Vital Mangrove Forests: Pacific Reef in Australia

Posted on December 15th 2020

Mangrove forests are among the world’s most productive ecosystems and healthy mangroves are a precious, almost priceless resource. Mangroves can quite literally save lives during storms and extreme weather events…

New Trusted Labels Group in Australia Launches on World Ecolabel Day

Posted on October 8th 2020

ASC has joined forces with other certification programmes in Australia to form the Trusted Labels Group, launching at an event in Sydney on 8 October. The Trusted Labels Group is…

About Clean Seas Seafood

Posted on February 24th 2020

When was the company started: Clean Seas was established in 2000 to propagate and grow Southern Bluefin Tuna, however, the company refocused its efforts on the sustainable production of Hiramasa…

Innovation in the tropical waters of Queensland

Posted on February 21st 2020

The Mitris family started Pacific Reef Fisheries in 1998. Today it is a highly successful prawn farming business which operates in the tropical waters of north Queensland and fully embraces…

Hobart seafood icon becomes new link in the chain

Posted on February 21st 2020

Mures Tasmania is a fully-integrated, family run business and a Tasmanian seafood icon. They combine a long history of sustainable fishing practices with a unique “hook-to-plate” seafood dining experience, offered…

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